Director’s Message

Vagmita Srivastava

‘There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limit you place on your own thinking.’-Brian Tracy.  Six years ago, I enrolled myself as the Director of USPS Lucknow. Like every new beginning, I was scared and nervous, not knowing where this journey would lead me. Today, when I look back, my heart swells with pride and immense happiness and I can not wait for the rest of the journey to unfold. Process of learning begins from the moment we are born and continues till we die. Being around children taught me probably the best lessons of my life.

Their curious little minds that want to learn, explore and discover, their courageous self that’s ready to face any challenge thrown towards them and their beautiful heart that teaches us to Love unconditionally. Being around them is the most joyful gift of God. We as adults only need to give them the freedom, recognition and appreciation which nurtures and guides them to reach their true potential.

I can proudly say that USPS is an Institution where great minds are fostered into greater human beings and intellectuals. ‘Break the barriers and let them fly’; Our holistic approach to learning and teaching creates experiences and opportunities for them to become the best version of themselves. Our School has a strict policy of ‘no punishment’ and we have zero tolerance towards it. An environment of love, care and support for its children is what USPS stands for.

Being a parent and sending your child to School is the most difficult yet the most paramount journey. We understand it and work hard to make your journey a wholesome experience. I would like to thank all our Parents for entrusting us with your ward and showing faith in us. Our Student’s health and safety is of utmost importance to us. USPS assures all our Parents and all our prospective Parents, that your child’s well-being, Mentally and Academically is our prime concern and we are working towards your child’s betterment each day.

We are hoping that Utkarsh Srivastava Public School will continue to fulfill its promise of nurturing your child and shaping their bright futures onward and upward.

Admission Open For Session 2024-2025
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